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Africa University and The Indiana Conference

Africa University is a private, international higher education institution located just outside of Mutare, Zimbabwe and founded in March 1992 by the United Methodist Church. The University welcomes students from all nations of Africa without regard to race, class, ethnicity or political and religious affiliation. The University’s annual enrollment is almost 1,400 students from 25 countries.

United Methodists of Indiana have long been involved in missions on the continent of Africa. Several years ago, the former North and South Indiana Conferences each built and dedicated two dormitories on the campus of Africa University. These four buildings were a fine addition to the campus, but there is more to education than buildings.

Africa University Update – March 2, 2015

The Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church is continuing our support of Africa University to create an endowed faculty position in agriculture and natural resources for $1,000,000, as well as scholarships for students in the amount of $600,000. Churches, teams and individuals across the Conference are continuing to be encouraged to support this effort and to date more than $1,126,587 has been pledged with more than 354 churches having committed support.

Donations to Africa University are more than just money, but provide the opportunity for young leaders to be raised up and educated on the challenges that face Africa and the world abroad. Giving makes a real difference in the lives of students and has lasting effects in helping shape a brighter future for the continent of Africa.

Robinah Nambafu, a senior in the Agriculture faculty, has benefitted from the generosity of The United Methodist Church and has offered to share her story:

"My mother is a peasant farmer in the rural areas of eastern Uganda. She raised me and three other siblings as a single mother. She tried her best to give all of us a basic education, although it was never easy for her as she didn't have a proper source of income.

I had (my) share of mishaps and was a teenage mother at 19 years, with 2 children at 23 years. But as our God is a God of second chances, I asked my mother if I could go back to school. She sold a piece of land to provide funds for tuition for my first semester and for transport to come to Zimbabwe.

I received my scholarship from the faculty for my second semester...when my mother got this news, she cried with joy because she knew...I would come home with a degree in 3 years.

For me, being at the university is an achievement, but for my family it’s a dream come true. My mother walks with her head high in the sky with pride for having a daughter who will not only take care of her in her old age but also the pride of a single mother who sent a girl child to school in my village.

As I graduate this academic year, I may never know (who) made the sacrifice for me to be at Africa University, but the good Lord in heaven knows their good deeds. I pray a blessing upon every life and soul that has given up their hearts’ desires for many of those like me to attain an education.

Be blessed,

Robinah Nambafu


Robinah is just one of the many success stories of Africa University and we can help create hundreds more through our work in supporting this vital ministry of our connectional church.

In an effort to help churches understand and interpret The United Methodist Church’s ministry at Africa University, the Indiana AU Campaign has speakers available to come to local churches and offer presentations about Africa University and the campaign. To schedule a speaker, contact Ruth Ellen Stone at or by phone at 317-839-8831.

For more information on how you can support the Indiana Campaign for Africa University, please visit or contact the United Methodist Foundation of Indiana at 877-391-8811.

AU Endowed Faculty Position in Agriculture & Natural Resources

Goal – $1,000,000

One of Africa’s greatest challenges is developing an efficient, sustainable agricultural industry capable of feeding its people. Malnutrition is an all too common condition. The University is committed to making a significant difference in this struggle. One of the keys to achieving this goal is to increase the number of agriculturally trained individuals ready to become tomorrow’s leaders. To do this AU must recruit and retain faculty with the vision, dedication and qualifications to instill the vital passion and knowledge. One of the first academic schools created by the University was the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Limited resources make it difficult to be competitive in recruiting and retaining qualified faculty in this school. One way to support this effort is through the creation and funding of an endowed professorship. This provides financial security for AU allowing them to recruit outstanding, committed faculty.

Scholarships for AU Students

Goal – At least $600,000

Scholarships are crucial to help qualified students complete their degrees. Over 90% of students enrolled at Africa University receive financial aid. A full scholarship of $5,400 per year includes tuition, books and room and board. One graduate underlined a key reason for the critical financial need of these students "As the youngest of eight children whose parents died in the Liberian War a number of years ago, I could not have attended Africa University without the scholarship I received."

There is urgent need for educated leaders in schools, churches, government, businesses, medical institutions and agricultural endeavors throughout the continent of Africa. Africa University has demonstrated its ability to provide those leaders:

  • Rev. Daniel Mhone (Theology 1997), who guides church growth, service and expansion of the Malawi Missionary Conference as its superintendent,
  • Ms. Alima Hussein (Business, 2005), who is the youngest ever executive director of the Mozambique Confederation of Business Associations,
  • Mr. Christian Zigbuo (Computer Information Systems 2012), a Young Adult Missionary serving with GBGM in Democratic Republic of Congo,
  • Ms. Martha Mutisi (Masters in Peace, and Governance 2004), who now works as South African Manager of the inventions Department of ACCORD, African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes.

Africa is becoming progressively more important in world affairs. Bishop Emilio de Carvalha, the founding Chancellor of Africa University, has stated that the university is "inclusive, pan-African and responds to the main concerns of the African continent." The need for men and women equipped to lead it is crucial. The very best investment in Africa's future is the education of its future leaders.

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