Clergy Tax Specialists

Organization Location Area Phone Website/Email
John Cook and Peggy Brehmer   Franklin   CE     317.738.3007    
mAccounting   Indianapolis   CE     317.581.1820
Potts, Hannah, & Fischer   Indianapolis   CE     317.888.1400
Shaub CPA Group   Greenwood   CE     317.888.2047
Storen Financial (Mr. Briggs)   Brownsburg   CE     317.852.7000
Bob Logan & Co, LLC   Marion   NC     765.664.2366
DLS Financial Solutions, LLC (Don Spence)   Noblesville   NC     765.414.5341
Ziska and Associates, LLC   Carmel   NC
Witmer-Wood Ministry, Non-Profit Bookkeeping and Payroll   Leo   NE     260.627.0777
Worth Tax Consultants   Warsaw   NO     574.269.2121
Kate's Tax Service & Notary (Sally Davison)   Akron   NW     574.268.8881
H&R Block (Janet Bowling)   Salem   SO     812.883.1771    
Bookkeeping & More (John Kamman)   Evansville   SW     812.473.3585
Good Steward Financial Services, Inc (Gregg & Debbie Graening)   Hillview, KY   WE     502.500.1001
Svihla & Associates CPAs, LLC (Terry Svihla)   Terre Haute   WE     812.238.9202


  • ​This list is only for reference purposes to alert the group as to those accountants who the Conference believes have
    worked with Clergy taxation matters.
  • The conference does not endorse any particular accountant or accounting firm.
    Choosing an accountant (or any professional advisor) is a personal decision and suitability may vary according to your individual needs, budget, and circumstances.
  • Other accounting firms may well have professionals who have similarly worked with Clergy taxation matters.
    The conference recommends interviewing at least two candidates before selecting any tax or accounting professional.