Cost Stewardship

The Indiana Conference of Churches has broadly participated in the Cost Stewardship initiative. The initiative introduces businesses to our churches that by their actions have demonstrated a willingness to help us to substantially improve costs. All participation is voluntary.

Several hundred locations are registered and the overwhelming feedback has been positive. The no fee to join program design has been very well received. The savings from traditional programs like Office Depot have gained the broadest acceptance to date.

However, programs in non-traditional areas are being very well received also:

  • Natural gas transport programs – alternative pricing to traditional regulated utilities
  • Sales tax paid on utilities – often thousands of dollars of refunds found unexpectedly
  • Copy and imaging – cost improvements plus scanning and security capabilities much improved
  • Telecom, internet and data – use the power of 300+ church group to get better prices
  • Petroleum tax refunds – 20 to 40 cents per gallon refund credit for up to three years
  • Payroll expenses – we find many companies charging 2x more than the offering we have
  • Health Care tax credits – up to 25% of church paid medical costs refunded by the IRS
  • Gas Cards– stop your sales taxes on purchases for your church
  • Preschools – compare data with other churches to see how yours is performing

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