Equitable Compensation

2019 Equitable (Minimum) Compensation Guidelines

2019 Denominational Average Compensation = $71,361

A. Minimum salary for Full-Time Elders and Full-Time Deacons appointed to serve a local church is set at 60% of the DAC (Denominational Average Compensation) as calculated annually by the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits. (2019 =$42,816.60)

B. Minimum salary for Full-Time Associate and Probationary Members appointed to serve a local church is set at 58% of the DAC (Denominational Average Compensation) as calculated annually by the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits. (2019 = $41,389.38)

C. Minimum salary for Full-Time Local Pastors appointed to serve a local church is set at 55% of the DAC (Denominational Average Compensation) as calculated annually by the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits. (2019 = $39,248.55)

While the federal government has not yet set the official Cost of Living adjustment for 2019, the Conference is suggesting a Cost of Living Increase for 2019 of 2.3%

Merit/Performance Recommendation:

  • Poor/No increase

  • Fair/.50-1.50%

  • Good/1.51-3.00%

  • Excellent/3.01-4.50%

Please Note: These are recommendations to assist you. The Book of Discipline clearly states that the primary responsibility for determination and payment of pastoral salaries remains with individual pastoral charges.