Grants Available

The Church Development staff and committee have been praying that God will raise up churches within the Indiana Conference that will help identify and equip workers to bring in the harvest and to carry out our church’s mission of making disciples to transform the world.

Church Development recognizes that one of the most effective ways to make new disciples is through church multiplication – churches starting new faith communities that are outwardly focused and are founded on disciple-making. To that end, Church Development grants are available for churches that share this vision. The grants currently being offered are in the right sidebar.

Churches interested in applying for Indiana Conference Church Development Grants should complete the Grant Readiness Assessment and contact the Church Development staff person assigned to their district. Grants may be funded in part by tithe giving from the churches of the Indiana Conference. It is expected that any established church receiving these grants would be faithfully tithing gifts to the conference as well.

Date for the final 2018 grant application deadline: November 12 for the November 28 meeting

When a grant application is considered, the committee may approve full funding, partial funding, no funding, or may table the application. Following the meeting, the applicant will be informed of the committee’s decision. Applicants whose applications are tabled or denied may submit an amended or new application during a future grant approval cycle. 

In addition to the grants offered through the Indiana Conference, the links below provide information about grants available through other United Methodist and ecumenical organizations.