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Local Church Personnel Manual

The Indiana Conference Human Resources Committee is pleased to offer to the churches of the Indiana Conference an adapted version of the Conference’s employee handbook. This version of the conference handbook has been edited for use by local churches and titled Local Church Personnel Handbook. It is in Word and will allow individual churches to personalize the handbook for their church.

The handbook has been reviewed by several HR professionals and local church pastors, as well as Conference leaders.  We have been careful to distinguish between policies of the Conference and policies of the local church.  This document is available for your church’s adaptation and use.

Disclaimer:  The Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church has made a sample employee handbook available to its member churches for each church's consideration as to the appropriateness of using the sample or a revised version. The decision of whether to utilize a handbook is solely that of each church as each church is a separate legal entity from the Conference and, therefore, acts separately in regard to employees' terms and conditions of employment.  If you require advice concerning the appropriateness of the use of an employee handbook, the Conference suggests that you contact a competent legal professional for advice.

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