Church Redevelopment: ADAPT and IMPACT

For several years, the primary process for churches working with our Redevelopment team involved the Fruitful Congregation Journey (FCJ).

During that time, hundreds of Indiana congregations participated in this journey of congregational and personal transformation. Many new ministries and renewed congregations resulted from the intentional efforts of these churches to engage in fruitful ministry with their communities. 

In 2018, we launched a new process, called ADAPT, as well as rolled out more IMPACT groups, serving small membership churches.  


What if my church has already been through FCJ?

Check out ADAPT

To create a culture of transformation centered at the local church, ADAPT assists congregations in forming an environment of collaborative and continual learning and assessment to respond and adapt to the changing mission field around your church.

Contact Brenda Gross for more information.  

What if my church is really small?

Check out IMPACT!

IMPACT sessions for small membership churches are underway!

Additional districts will begin offering the process soon. Watch for information and registration, coming soon! 

Contact Randy Anderson for more information.