Video License

Video License to show DVDs and movie clips

Christian Video License International

Showing videos, DVDs and movie clips in your church has just gotten easier and legal. Did you know that it is illegal to show videos, DVDs, and movie clips to groups (youth groups, children’s ministries, Sunday School classes, worship, etc.) within your church if you do not have a license to do so? Never paid attention to that FBI warning at the very beginning of the movie, have you?

The Christian Video License International is a reputable service ready to meet your needs in our changing culture. Many of today’s films are covered by this service. I do know of one exception and that is for the movie, “The Passion of the Christ”. See last paragraph for more information regarding this movie.

Through an agreement with several producers, the CVLI Church Video License provides legal coverage for churches and for other ministry organizations to show home videocassettes and videodiscs of motion pictures. (Each organization needs to be specifically covered.) Coverage includes playing just a few seconds of a video all the way up to showing a full-length feature. The Church Video License is one of the most cost effective and convenient ways for churches and other ministry organizations to protect themselves from the possibility of being fined for illegal use of videocassettes and videotapes.

Visit their Web site or give them a call at 888-771-2854.

If you wish to show the Mel Gibson movie, “The Passion of the Christ” you must call the production company directly. Please call ICON Productions at 310-434-7300 for a license to show this movie.