Year-end Reporting (Check Day)

Year end reporting submission dates are from January 1 to February 15.

After February 15th all numbers will be sent to the General Council on Finance and Administration for use in calculating Conference Apportionments. (Non-reporting churches will be reported to the Bishop, District Superintendents, Conference Journal, and Annual Conference.)

Login Information: Your password resets each year. Your church id number is your username and your initial password is password. After your first login you will be prompted to create a new password. 

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Getting Started Tutorial

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Once someone has logged into the system the initial password no longer works. Please check with the treasurer or pastor before contacting Glenda Peery for a password reset.

You are encouraged to print a blank form to use as a worksheet before logging into the site to enter data since the site will time out after about 30-45 minutes.

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Currently Ezra is not compatible with Internet Explorer 10 and users are recommended to use a different browser. To work around the issue; when you see a link that says "Download PDF", don't just click on it - instead, right click on the link and select "Save As ...".

Do not enter anything other than 0-9, the system will not accept $, periods, or commas.

All forms available in pdf format only. Adobe reader is free to download here.

GCFA's Ezra System for year-end reporting/check day

Church User Guide

Notes on Church Membership 

Counting Worship Attendance (this resource borrowed from the Missouri conference)

For line item questions please contact Heidi Harding or Jenni Walker