The season of Lent calls us toward intentional reflection and spiritual attention as we follow Jesus’ journey to the cross—and ultimately, his resurrection. This devotional was written by representatives of the INUMC, with diverse racial representation, clergy and laity, men and women, young and old, all contributing their gifts of words. For their contributions, we give God thanks!

This Lenten Devotional can be used in a variety of ways. The formatted pdf can be easily printed and made available to your congregation in booklet form. The content is also available via a Word doc to be sent as a daily email to your congregation or posted on your church Facebook page. It can also be viewed digitally on this webpage. 

As an added resource, coloring pages can be downloaded for print and distribution. The artistic theme for the Stained Glass Reflections devotional draws from beautiful images of stained glass from our Indiana Conference churches, and these coloring pages are reproduced from them. 

For support on printing the formatted pdf as a booklet from Adobe Acrobat, click here.

Formatted Devotional
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Stained Glass Coloring Pages