Stewardship Information

Why We Give: We Give to Minister in the Name of Jesus

As United Methodists, in Connection with a local church in Peru, Indiana to the halls of Africa University in Zimbabwe, we do remarkable ministry with our neighbors in our communities near and far. United Methodist care for those suffering from addiction, survivors of natural disasters, and walk alongside those who are improvised. We invest in vulnerable communities doing the long-haul work to help transform the lives of children and families for the betterment of all of our society. Additionally, we make impacts in improving global health through partnerships to help find practical solutions for education, prevention, treatment, and stopping diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS. We are called to be transformers of the world and seek to make disciples of the Jesus Christ through our giving and support of mission and ministry that connects the Church to society by sharing the gospel in every community around the world.

Making a Difference

The impact of 12.7 million United Methodists, in 136 countries, starts locally at the church offering plate and is carried onto do amazing things in local communities and all over the world. Together, we witness to the love of Jesus Christ for a hurting a world and transform lives and communities in his name.