Annual Conference Clergy Session is June 3. Let us join together to pray for those who are called by God to be Clergy.

To God Almighty, our strength and our consolation, we raise our prayer.

Thank you, beloved God, that you have raised up from among your people leaders who are ready to dedicate their lives wholly to you. We ask that you bless and inspire our UMC Clergy as they gather digitally to do the work of your church. Let them never forget it is yours. Uphold our candidates for commissioning and ordination as they are introduced and as the Clergy cast the votes to accept and welcome them. Teach our Clergy, O Lord, to depend on you only for their strength and guidance in this and all matters before them. 

Lord, the year has been hard and their duties heavy. Give them peace, and let there be joy in welcoming their new comrades. These things we pray in the name of Jesus, the inspiration and model of our faith. Amen.