“His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and trustworthy slave; you have been trustworthy in a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.’” Matthew 25:23


Most faithful God, we thank you for the value you place on your servants who have passed from this life to life with you. Today we will celebrate the lives of the Clergy who have passed on to you this year. Lord, we know you have already opened your gates to them. Let us remember them and their great work here on earth, humbly following you. Let us never forget.

We ask for your great mercy on those who mourn their passing. Your Apostle Paul has told us to mourn with those who mourn. Keep that in our hearts and minds as we celebrate their lives this afternoon. Let us celebrate their legacy and their lives with you, and also mourn their absence from our lives. Keep them safely in your hand and in our hearts and minds until we meet again in your holy presence.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.