After worship, Scott Reed, Associate Lay Leader, opened the floor for Lay Delegate Nominations. No additional names were offered. 
Emily Krach, Associate Director of Leadership Development – Emerging Leaders, shared details about the Coach Training Program and encouraged laity to take part.
During his message, David Johns, Conference Lay Leader, invited laity to “Listen for Jesus’ invitations. Act on them. They may require preparation, travel, courage, or faith. Gather strength from the Holy Spirit and your sisters and brothers in Christ.” 
Anthony Swinger, Lay Servant Ministries Central District Director, announced two manuscript winners, who read their submissions: Brandon Collins (Southport UMC) and Emerging Leader Anna Klepper
A few moments were taken to remember and celebrate the life of Doris Clark, who served as Conference Lay Leader from 2014 until her death in January 2019. 
During the Laity Address, Johns shared a statistic from Mission Insite that 62% of people are not in a religious congregation in Indiana. “This is the primary ’why’ behind the Board of Laity,” he said. “Helping with the ‘harvest’ and helping prepare followers of Jesus to be better harvesters.”
Cathy Burris, President of United Methodist Women of Indiana, celebrated the organization’s 150 years of mission. Despite its long history, their care for women, children, and youth has remained the same. Burris shared details of how they are doing just that throughout the state. 
Stant Clark, President of Indiana Conference United Methodist Men, thanked the men in attendance. “Thank you for all that you do in your church, community, district, and Conference, whether you’re working as scout leaders or working in food pantries or building wheelchair ramps. You are making a difference.” Clark also invited laity to join the organization. “We need you! And we have a place for you.” 
A video message was shared featuring Kim Arnott, Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries, who was unable to attend in person. (Watch video)
Scott Sharp, Lay Leader – East District, talked about the impact of Lay Servant Ministries and how it has the potential to change lives. He then issued a challenge, “Get out of your favorite chair and STEP IT UP…Be the light of Jesus Christ and show the world the path away from the darkness.”
Kate Biggs, Lay Leader – West District, shared about some class options available at and how she enjoyed her learning experience through that avenue. The session ended with closing words and worship.