Each year clergy members and lay members attend their conference’s annual conference session for worship, fellowship, and to conduct the business of the conference. These sessions include reports of past and ongoing work; adoption of future goals, programs and budgets; ordination of clergy members as deacons and elders; and election of delegates to Jurisdictional and General Conferences (every 4 years). The bishop presides over these meetings.
Lay members of annual conference, along with clergy, interpret the work done by the annual conference session to the congregation. This is an opportunity to listen and learn from each other and to experience a greater variety of God’s human creation than you may experience in your local congregation. Take advantage of this opportunity by getting acquainted with people sitting near you and celebrate the diversity of The United Methodist Church. 

The 2022 Indiana Annual Conference Session is scheduled for June 9-11.

Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana

Registration will open April 4, 2022.

Health Screenings will occur Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings from 6-10:30am in the IWU Phillippe Performing Arts Center. Register online by logging into your Virgin Pulse account and find Blueprint for Wellness under the “Benefits” tab and select “START NOW” or register by phone 1-855-623-9355. (Employer group – HealthFlex or United Methodist Church)

We will be collecting UMCOR School Kits before and during the Annual Conference Session, along with a financial offering, for the resettlement of our Afghan neighbors that came to Indiana as guests in Fall 2021.

A booklet with additional information will be mailed to all voting members.