Rev. Paul Wagner presented Resolution #5 “A Commitment to Grace in the Indiana Conference.”

Bishop Trimble reviewed Resolution #5 and declared that it “accentuates the affirmations, not makes null and void any prohibition in The Book of Discipline. It doesn’t change the wording or the impact of The Book of Discipline.”

Three speeches were offered in favor of Resolution #5: 14-year-old Lydia Jacobson, Rev. Andy Payton, and Rev. Susan Hobson.

Rev. Chris Gadlage made a point of order, claiming that the resolution should be ruled out of order. He argued that the resolution is more than aspirational; it is “encouraging actions that ignore and violate…The Book of Discipline.”

Three speeches were offered against Resolution #5: Sue Kincaid, John Shive, and Linda Fraley.

Rev. Russ Abel asked if the application of Resolution #5 is aspirational or if it would be considered binding as it relates to anything in The Book of Discipline.

Similarly, Rev. Jason Rice asked “If Resolution #5 passes, would people still be able to bring charges against same sex marriage?”

Bishop clarified that, as he has stated, it doesn’t change any prohibition in The Book of Discipline, which means it doesn’t make it null and void the rights for people who make complaints or the way the Conference would handle those complaints.

Rev. Dr. Aleze Fulbright invited the author of Resolution #5 to speak to the aspirational nature in which it was written.

Author of Resolution #5, Rev. Mary Dicken, confirmed the invitational spirit in which the resolution was written. She claimed it is “an invitation to take a posture of grace, to allow the Holy Spirit to move in and through this Church…There’s no mandate that goes against our Book of Discipline. It’s an invitation for us to engage with each other in our Connection in a different way.”

Motion: To pass Resolution #5 “A Commitment to Grace in the Indiana Conference.”

Rev. Glenn Knepp requested a written ballot, which was taken.

The motion passed (380 for, 332 against).

Boy Scouts of America Update
Rev. Larry Whitehead, Executive Assistant to the Bishop and Director of Leadership Development, shared that he hoped to give an update on the Boy Scouts of America lawsuit, but the case has not yet been settled. He reenforced that as United Methodists, we are committed to taking part in healing for the survivors.

Protecting Our Children
Rev. Shannon Stringer, Director of Leadership Development, began, “I want to live in a world where innocence is part of a child’s life, and the people who are responsible for them can be trusted. But it’s not the reality of the world we live in.”

It is the expectation of Conference leadership and of the members of our churches that all churches will have an abuse prevention plan. This has been and will continue to be a regular part of the implementation of the Indiana Conference Child Protection Policy, which is available at

Rev. Julie Macy, member of the Board of Camps and Retreats, reported on our seven campsites. They received $758,338.73 in Paycheck Protection Program funds, which paid salaries, maintained buildings, and allowed staff to prepare for the partial re-opening in 2021. With new safety protocols required, many updates were made to be able to open at 50% capacity last summer. They celebrated the following camping highlights from 2021:

  • 198 First-Time Commitments to Christ
  • 233 Recommitments to Christ
  • 488 Volunteers
  • 168 Acknowledged God’s Call on Their Lives

Commission on Archives and History
Arlen Packard announced the following Heritage Church Awards: Muncie High Street UMC,
Brownstown UMC, and Grace UMC (Franklin). He also celebrated the following bicentennial churches: Springville UMC, Columbia UMC (Connersville), Atkins Chapel (Floyds Knobs), and
Rockville First UMC.

Committee on Finance and Administration
Rodney Frieden, Chair of the Committee on Finance and Administration, presented the 2023 budget for approval: $7,677,950.

Motion: To approve the budget.

The motion passed.

Bishop has set the date for a Special Session on November 19, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. (ET) via Zoom.

The 2023 Annual Conference has been set for June 8-10, 2023.

Rev. Larry Whitehead, Executive Assistant to the Bishop and Director of Connectional Ministry, took a moment for personal privilege, acknowledging Bishop Trimble’s upcoming birthday. A group song of “Happy birthday!” followed.


Celebration of Ministry

“Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” played during the processional—and joyful it was!

Two children were baptized during the service:

– Eudora Diane Ohlemiller, child of Revs. Jake and Janelle Ohlemiller
– Isaiah Carter Hutchinson, child of Ariah Curry and Marquez Hutchinson, grandson of Rev. Annettra Jones Stephens

Eight persons were presented for ordination as elders.
Two persons were commissioned as preparing for ordained ministry as deacons.
Four persons were commissioned as preparing for ordained ministry as elders.

Rev. Kevin Armstrong’s sermon “Following Rules and Falling in Love” was based on Jeremiah 29:1-2 and Luke 17:11-19.

Rev. Toni Carmer, a member of the 2022 retiring class, passed the mantle to Rev. Hannah Wiswasser, a member of the newly-ordained clergy.

Final Missional Offering was $102,373.72.

Around 4,000 pounds of school kits were collected (which is estimated to be around 2,000).


AC 2022 Wrap Up Video