Opening Worship

The worship band The Many, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, led the Conference in opening worship. 

Bishop Gregory Palmer, resident bishop of the West Ohio Conference, greeted the Indiana Conference as a special guest. He then presented Bishop Julius C. Trimble, resident bishop of the Indiana Conference.

Bishop Trimble opened the 2022 Indiana Annual Conference session with prayer on June 9

Before his episcopal address Walking in Grace. Bishop Trimble challenged attendees to Love God, Love Neighbor, referring to the 2022 Annual Conference theme. “If I abide in him, I ought to walk as Christ walked,” he said. “Walking in grace, I have learned that I never have to walk alone.”

Referring to churches that may choose to disaffiliate, he offered, “If you are leaving The United Methodist Church…you are not my enemy! We are all children of the Most High God! Some may choose to walk another trail, but I trust that making disciples of Jesus Christ will be our common hymn.”

He concluded, “Let’s walk together, pray together, work together, and love God and neighbor together.”

Deacon Rev. Angelo Mante and Bishop Trimble presented Holy Communion. 


“We gather in the name of Jesus to do our work as we worship together, learn from one another, and discern a path for our ministry together as we seek to Love God, Love Neighbor,” Bishop Trimble said as he opened the plenary session.

Opening Business

Chris Mahon, Conference Secretary, presented Ballot #1, including the following three motions:

Motion: I move that the voting bar, or legal limits, of the Conference be designated as members seated on the main floor of the auditorium and on the stage.

The motion passed.

Motion: I move that all votes and decisions made during this Annual Conference shall be legal and binding.  

The motion passed.

Chris Mahon then brought the following motion: I move that the schedule, reports, and documents that have been appropriately posted and available to all members of the Conference, be received as the official documents that are ready for action and will guide our time together.

The motion passed.

Rules and Structure

Rev. Paul Wagner offered an update from the 2020 Annual Conference session. He then presented the 2022 Rules and Structure Document. 

Motion: I move that the Rules and Structure Document be accepted as presented and then added to the record of this Conference Session. 

The motion passed. 

Nominating Committee

Rev. Duane Carlisle, Chair of the Nominations Committee, presented their report via He encouraged people to fill out the Conference Volunteer Form posted online.

Rev. Mary Ann Moman made a point of order, stating that The Book of Discipline ¶ 666 requires that ministry committees must be voted on.

Rev. Duane Carlisle said that—though this is not something they have done in the past— it could be produced and offered tomorrow as an addendum. The Nominations report was tabled

Consent Calendar

Rev. Paul Wagner presented the Consent Calendar. 

Motion: I move that the Board, Agency, and Committee Reports listed on the Conference Website under the heading “Consent Calendar” be accepted and added to the record of this Conference Session.

The motion passed. 

First Lady Address

First Lady Racelder Grandberry-Trimble brought a video greeting. She read excerpts of the children’s book Breathing Makes It Better: A Book for Sad Days, Mad Days, Glad Days, and All the Feelings In-Between by Christopher Willard and Wendy O’Leary. She encouraged the Conference to “Be still,” her phrase for 2022. She concluded her address with “I love you, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”



Council on Finance and Administration

Pastor Rodney Frieden, Chair of the Council on Finance and Administration, introduced David Robinson, the Conference’s new Chief Financial Officer and Director of Finance and Administration, and thanked Heidi Harding, Conference Treasurer, for her faithful work.  

At the end of 2021, the total income equaled $12,018,142. Expenditures totaled $12,017,450,   

netting in a $692 surplus, which became part of Conference reserve. The Indiana Conference’s 2021 General Church apportionment payment was $4,559,526 which was 100% of the anticipated ask.  

Rodney Frieden presented the proposed 2023 Conference Budget of $7,040,053. 

2020 General/Jurisdictional Delegation

Rev. Russ Abel, chair of our delegation and Conference Superintendent for the East and Northeast Districts, offered an update on the delegation. 

Jurisdictional Conference was held on November 10-11, 2021, via Zoom. The Jurisdictional Conference passed the “Covenant to Build Beloved Community,” which included the following: 

  • Confession for our sin in not confronting social issues that have caused great harm. 
  • To work with others who are standing against racism and colonialism. 
  • An affirmation that Christ has opened the Church to people of all sexual orientations and to avoid pursuing charges against pastors and churches who perform/allow same gender weddings. And, to allow all persons to follow the call of God toward ordination. 
  • To honor episcopal leadership and leaders. Also, calling for a Special Jurisdictional Conference to elect new bishops, which is scheduled for November 2-5, 2022, in Fort Wayne. 
  • To treat churches, members, and pastors who choose to leave the UMC with respect and do no harm toward them. 

Russ Abel closed by inviting those in attendance to sing On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand.

He requested a point of personal privilege, which Bishop Trimble granted. He then made a motion for the endorsement of the Rev. Dr. Aleze Fulbright as an episcopacy candidate. 

Motion: I move that the Indiana Conference endorse Rev. Dr. Aleze Fulbright as an episcopacy candidate.

The motion passed.

Aleze Fulbright addressed the Conference, stating that she is “Humbled by its affirmation.” 


The Connection

Rev. Shannon Stringer shared via video about the Connectional style of polity. 


United Methodist Foundation of Indiana (UMFI)

Manet Shettle, Executive Officer of UMFI, reported that in 2021 funds earned 201 local congregations in Indiana $4,740,731 to spend on ministry within their communities and congregations.

She then offered Bishop Trimble a check for $226,970 to subsidize retiree health insurance. 

Two board members, Forrest Bowers and Ian Hall, stepped off of the UMFI Board during the year, and Scott Green will step down on June 30. Monte Chamberlin, Teri Crouse, Shelley Johnson, Jim Need, and Craig Wood are returning for their third term. Daryl Gilbert, Chris Lantz, and Margaret Wood will join the board. 

Motion: I move that the Annual Conference affirm the incoming slate of board members. 

The motion passed.

Board of Pension and Health Benefits 

Susan Spaulding, Chair of the Board of Pension and Health Benefits, announced that Rev. Steve Conger will become the new Board chair following this year’s Annual Conference. 

Personal participation in the retirement program by eligible clergy and laity remained strong. During 2021, the Indiana Conference and churches contributed more than $3 million in matching contributions to participant retirement accounts. 407 Clergy and laity participated in the Conference health plan in 2021. 

Participants contributed more than $800,000 to their health accounts, and the Conference added another $200,000 to those same accounts.  Susan Spaulding submitted Plenary Action Item #4.

Motion: I move that 

  1. That the Past Service Rate for Pre-1982 service be set at $807 per year for CY2023, an increase of 2.5%. 
  2. That the monthly church contribution for health coverage be increased by 10%. 
  3. That this report, in its entirety, be approved as presented in the written report. 

The motion passed.



Missional Offering

Executive Assistant to the Bishop and Director of Connectional Ministries Larry Whitehead gave an update that the Missional Offering as of 6:31 p.m. was $29,747.20


Petitions and Resolutions 

Rev. Paul Wagner gave an update on the three resolutions passed in 2021. Resolutions #1 and #2 will be reported on during the Children Matter Most presentation on Friday. For Resolution #3, Rev. Russ Abel reported that the delegation treated one another as siblings in Christ, though they may have disagreed.

Paul Wagner reported that Resolution #2 “Voting on Candidates for Ministry” has been resolved by the Board of Ordained Ministry, and the submitter, Alisa Isaacs-Bailey, voluntarily withdrew her resolution. 

 Resolution #1 entitled “Building BeLoved Community” was submitted by Rev. Lisa Schubert Nowling. 

Rev. Chris Gadlage made a point of order stating that he believes that Resolution #1 is out of order because it negates or violates The Book of Discipline in several sections.

After deliberation, Bishop Trimble ruled that Resolution #1 would be allowed.

The author of the resolution, Lisa Schubert Nowling, introduced the resolution. 

Rod Slone and John Shive spoke against the resolution. Rev. Ronnie Bell spoke in favor of the resolution. 

Rev. Lore Blinn Gibson raised a point of order that Charge Conference forms are already completed for Fall 2022; which could cost the Conference approximately $10,000. Because there is a significant cost, Paul Wagner suggested that it could be referred to CFA.

Lisa Schubert Nowling suggested an amendment, changing line 24 to read Fall 2023 instead of Fall 2022 thus avoiding additional cost.

Motion: To amend line 24 to read Fall 2023 instead of 2022. 

The motion passed.

A vote count was requested, which requires 1/3 of the body’s approval. 

Motion: To take a vote count.

The motion did not pass. 

Albert Hidalgo and Joe Boggs spoke in favor of the resolution. Karen Zimmerman spoke against the resolution.

Rev. Joseph Seger raised a point of order asking if Resolution #1 would be out of order. If passed, it would not uphold what was done at the Special Called General Conference in 2019. He argued that by allowing Jurisdictional Conference to dictate our actions, the Conference would be acting contrary to the United Methodist position of having the General Conference direct our Conference. 

Michele Gerke suggested an amendment to line 28, presenting our findings in 2024, not 2023. It was made as an editorial correction to the resolution.

Motion: To approve the amended Resolution #1.

The motion required a vote count. The motion did not pass. 

402 – Yes

410 – No

4 – Abstained 

Rev. Jerry Rairdon requested a written ballot. 

Motion: To have a written ballot.

The motion did not pass. 


Missions Operations Team

Rev. Jen Huff, Conference Missions Coordinator, reported via video that $915, 284.23 was given this past year. She announced two filled roles this past year: Rev. Anne Kumeh as the United Methodist Volunteers in Mission Coordinator and Zachary Manton as Conference Secretary for Global Ministries.

Rev. Huff reported that there are currently 26 people across 8 districts who are certified as Early Response Team members. 

The evening ended with an ice cream social. 

AC 2022 Thursday Wrap Up Video