Some members of the Indiana Conference are without internet access or have poor internet access at home. With Annual Conference being fully digital this year, we want to make sure you can connect because, during these virtual sessions, your access to the internet is imperative. GNTV, the company that has been selected to manage online voting, offers some solutions for accessing the internet and Conference sessions if you are currently struggling with a solid internet connection.

Small groups meeting at a local church

  • Church members can organize small groups of people, based on state assembly and health guidelines. These groups will meet at a local church to watch the conference through the Zoom Webinar on a large display or individually on personal devices. This will allow you to experience the camaraderie and Conference atmosphere while accessing the internet, as many churches have wi-fi capabilities.

Small groups gathering at a congregant’s house

  • For this suggestion, you would need to gather at a congregant’s house that has a good wifi connection that can support multiple people. This way you will be able to gather with your colleagues in low numbers and experience the conference in fellowship.

Use public wifi

  • Most businesses have free wifi available to their customers. Starbucks, a local coffee shop, or McDonald’s typically have a fast connection. At another Annual Conference, a conference attendee was able to access the McDonald’s wifi network while staying in their vehicle in the parking lot. They joined every conference session and fully participated in the voting.

Public library

  • Most local libraries will allow access to their wifi network or in-house computers. Libraries also have desks available for use and spaces for you to relax while you are attending conferences. Libraries are also quiet, comfortable, and easily accessible.

Rent a hotel room

  • While this is not the most affordable option, hotels have stable wifi, are quiet, and will not bother you during your stay. GNTV has used this option for leaders who need to join during an annual conference session and has found it to be an effective model for accessing the internet.