The Heart Behind Children Matter Most

At the Extended Cabinet Retreat in January 2020, Bishop Julius Trimble shared about his idea for an initiative called Children Matter Most. “God gave me a vision for the need for a missional focus that United Methodists in Indiana could unite around,” he said.

Being passionate about children isn’t something new for the Trimbles. For over 35 years, First Lady Racelder has been an advocate and champion for children, young people, and their families. “This has been a hallmark of her leadership and our ministry together,” Bishop said.

First Lady is a member of the Children Matter Most Team, a group of individuals Bishop invited to bring his vision to life. Their goal is to inspire churches to partner with schools, inform others about adverse childhood experiences, and invite children to camp.

“The wellbeing of any society and its communities must be judged in part by how it treats and cares for its most vulnerable members: its children. While all children are important, the number of children in our state living without adequate food and nutrition, shelter, and safety is alarming,” Bishop said.

According to the Children’s Defense Fund*, millions of children in America and thousands in Indiana live in food-insecure households. Every 47 seconds in America a child is confirmed abused or neglected. Every 29 minutes a child or teen is injured with a gun.

Bishop Trimble believes that it’s time for United Methodist churches in Indiana to do something about this.

“When the final history is written about the year 2020, may it include the story of United Methodists in Indiana and our response to the needs of children?” Bishop asked.

Funds raised during Annual Conference for this Missional Opportunity will be directed towards ministries for and with children and youth that have a positive impact on local communities.

*Data from Children’s Defense Fund, Annie Casey Foundation