Annual Conference Housing

Indiana Wesleyan University has an array of housing options that are centrally located, making them just a short walk from the buildings that will be utilized during our Annual Conference Session. For those wanting an affordable place to stay, on-campus housing options are the best way to go. From townhomes to lodges to residence halls, you’re sure to find a space that will fit your family—and your budget. 


Costs (tax included): $25.00 per person/per night $62 immediate family, per night, maximum 8 $15.00 bedding per person – 2 flat sheets, pillow, pillowcase, blanket, 2 towels, 1 washcloth (optional as you may bring your own) 


These 2-story lodges boast 4-person or 6-person apartments that surround a central, spacious lobby area. Each apartment has a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Lodges do not have elevators. 


These 2-story apartment layouts hold groups of 6 and include 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a common living room, kitchen, and laundry area. Townhouses do not have elevators. 

Scripture Hall* 

These suite-style residences are comprised of 2 or 4 spacious bedrooms (housing 4 or 8 people), a common living room, and a shared bathroom. Scripture Hall is conveniently located next to the Student Center and has an elevator. 

Kem Hall* 

This suite-style residence hall is made up of 2 or 4 bedrooms (housing 4 or 8 people), a common living room, and a shared bathroom. Kem Hall is at the center of campus, next to the Student Center and Chapel and has an elevator. 

*Please note: Furniture will NOT be provided in living rooms.

Other Accommodations

If you prefer not to stay on campus, below is a list of local hotels or inns you may contact directly to make your reservations. 

Marion (less than 10 minutes from campus) 

  • College Inn Bed and Breakfast, 3902 South Washington Street, Marion, 765-667-9161 
  • Comfort Suites, 1345 N. Baldwin Avenue, Marion, 765-651-1006 
  • Hampton Inn, 1502 N. Baldwin Avenue, Marion, 765-662-6656 
  • Holiday Inn Express, 1000 N. Baldwin Ave, Marion, 765-573-6656 
  • Old Oak Inn Bed and Breakfast, 2213 W. 38th St, Marion, 765-603-6681 

Gas City (less than 15 minutes from campus) 

  • Best Western, 4936 S. Kay Bee Dr., Gas City, 765-998-2331 
  • Holiday Inn Express, 4914 North Beaner Boulevard, Gas City, 765-674-6664 
  • Super 8, 5172 S. Kay Bee Dr., Gas City, 765-997-8096 (no elevator) 

Hotels can also be found in these cities: 

  • Anderson – approximately 30 miles from campus 
  • Kokomo – approximately 30 miles from campus 
  • Muncie – approximately 30 miles from campus 
  • Wabash – approximately 25 miles from campus 

Camping in the area: