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Episcopal Nomination Information

Episcopal Candidate Biographical Information

In the United States of America, The United Methodist Church is divided into five areas known as jurisdictions: Northeastern, Southeastern, North Central, South Central and Western. These provide some program and leadership training events to support the annual conferences. Every four years the jurisdictional conferences meet to elect new bishops and select members of general boards and agencies.

Annual conferences located outside the United States are organized into central conferences, much like jurisdictions. There are seven central conferences: Africa, Central and Southern Europe, Congo, Germany, Northern Europe, Philippines, and West Africa.

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Nancy Stauffer

“My fervent prayer is that I represent my Lord in His light. I hope I can help affirm the Methodist church as John Wesley knew it.” Continue Reading

Posted March 6, 2020

Rev. Derek C. Weber

“There is so much going on in our denomination that reflects what is going on in our country and world right now. The polarization seems to grow deeper even as the rancor grows more vicious. This does not represent the Christ I know and serve, the Christ I call others to know and serve. And while I didn’t think I could single-handedly fix all that is broken, I felt I needed to at least participate in the process. So, I agreed to serve if chosen.” Continue Reading

Posted February 2, 2020

Nathan Lundy

serving as an alternate lay delegate to Jurisdictional Conference

“To be a member of the Indiana Delegation is an amazing honor and I am quite privileged to serve alongside some wonderful advocates of the faith! Further, I am a first-year student at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. I have learned two valuable lessons in the time I have spent going to school and living here in Washington, DC.” Continue Reading

Posted February 10, 2020

Rev. Marti Lundy

“Throughout my life, numerous people have come alongside me and I can confidently say that they helped shape the person that I am today. Did we all agree? No. Did we all have the same experiences? No. Did we all come from the traditions? No. Without a doubt, however, Jesus was at the center of our relationship and our love. That is the church at its best. It is with this heart for Jesus to be at the center that I said, “yes” to serving as a delegate.” Continue Reading

Posted February 3, 2020

Alberto Hidalgo, Jr.

“The decisions of special GC 2019 and division within the UMC, compelled me to be part of the process – to be a voice. I wanted to help the broader UMC church so that all may find “home” within.” Continue Reading

Posted January 17, 2020

Kim Arnott

“But, no matter what decisions are made in 2020, there will still be hurting people that need to know God, there will still be the poor who need our love and support, there will still be injustice in the world that needs to be addressed, there will still be communities that need to hear the Word of God, and there will still be lonely people that need our care. This needs to be our primary focus in the months and years to come.” Continue Reading

Posted January 8, 2020

Robert Muhlbaier

“There can be no denying that there are deep divisions within the UMC. Yet, I still believe all of our UMC siblings can maintain a focus on the mission given by Jesus to make maturing disciples. I am committed to working for a connection or structure that allows for the greatest ministry impact, and choosing leaders who will keep disciple making at the forefront.” Continue Reading

Posted December 16, 2019

Rev. Chris Tiedeman

“I firmly believe that, if not for the UMC, I would not be a Christian today. This is at least part of the reason I grieve so much for what the UMC is facing today.” Continue Reading

Posted November 26, 2019

Rev. Adriane Curtis

“Our denominational system is not perfect. Sometimes it even seems frustratingly inflexible. Yet, our democratic-style system was developed to empower and give voice to ALL of us. Our Methodist roots uphold the value of every single human being as a beloved child of God. Even more, our theology upholds a God that brings us together for the sake of building God’s kingdom here on earth. We do that work together at General Conference.” Continue Reading

Posted November 12, 2019

Rev. Chiyona Bourne

“I have an interest and passion in transformational change, not just of people, but of situations, systems, and organizations. I opted to be a delegate to assist in bringing about change in our pluralistic and inclusive denomination.” Continue Reading

Posted October 21, 2019

Mary Fridlund

Even though there is division in our church right now and separation is being seriously considered, this delegation is doing due diligence to help make sure that all has been considered so there are “no stones left unturned.” Continue Reading

Posted October 14, 2019

Indiana Conference Delegation Endorses Fulbright as Episcopal Nominee

The members of the Indiana Conference Delegation to the 2020 General and Jurisdictional Conferences met on January 11, 2020, and are excited and pleased to announce the Rev. Dr. Aleze M. Fulbright as their episcopal nominee for the North Central Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church. Read Full Press Release

North Central Jurisdictional delegates release statement

Members of the North Central Jurisdictional Conference Delegation approved and released the below statement following their November 9, 2019 meeting in suburban Chicago. View PDF

Annual Conference Secretary’s Letter

August 22, 2019

Dear Annual Conference Secretaries,

The “Plan of Organization and Rules of Order” of the North Central Jurisdictional Conference section II. A as found on pages 81-82 of The 2016 North Central Jurisdiction Conference Journal states:

“No later than September 1 of the year in which General/Jurisdictional Conference delegations are elected, the Jurisdictional Conference Secretary shall send the Episcopal Nominee Information Form and proposed procedures to annual conference secretaries and chairs of annual conference delegations. The annual conference secretary shall have responsibility to inform the population of the respective annual conferences of the availability of the forms through such means as will reach the widest possible audience. The Jurisdictional Conference secretary shall distribute a press release to the director of communications in each conference specifying when and where Episcopal Nominee Information Forms will be available.

Delegations are free to engage nominees beyond their Annual Conference after January 1 of the year of General Conference.”

I am providing to you as the Annual Conference Secretary the 2020 Episcopal Nominee Information Form, Episcopal Election Covenant, and Guidelines for Discerning an Episcopal Nominee.  It will also be sent to all NCJ Bishops, Chairs of your Annual Conference’s Jurisdictional delegation, to Annual Conference Directors of Communication, will be posted on the NCJ website at, and can be sent directly to anyone wishing to contact me.

Nominees can submit the Episcopal Nominee Information Form at any time but by the NCJ Rules of Order must do so “immediately after the close of their annual conferences (2020), and no later than June 25, in order to be included in the packet of nominee information sent to all the Jurisdictional Conference delegates.”

All nominee forms are to be returned to:

Rev. Paul R. White, Secretary

2020 NCJ Conference

3815 Ashwood Street NW

Canton, OH 44708-1603

Upon receipt of forms they will be posted on the NCJ website and “no less than 17 days prior to the start of Jurisdictional Conference, send a packet of the Episcopal Nominee Information Forms via first class mail or email to every delegate, all first reserves, members of the College of bishops, other persons with Jurisdictional Conference responsibilities, and annual conference communicators.”

Earlier this year the North Central Jurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy (NCJCOE) gave final approval to sponsor a forum for those persons (ordained Elders) who choose to offer themselves as episcopal candidates at next summer’s North Central Jurisdictional Conference scheduled for July 15-18, 2020 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The NCJCOE’s Elections sub-committee has been tasked with implementing and coordinating the forum which will involve conducting a fifteen-minute interview with each episcopal candidate who elects to participate.  The moderated interviews will be recorded on video during a six week period beginning February 1 to March 15, 2020.  All interviews will then be posted on the same date to the North Central Jurisdictional (NCJ) website on or around April 1, 2020.  Episcopal candidate(s) will want to note the question on the episcopal candidate information form asking if the candidate is planning to participate in the forum.  Additional information will be posted on the NCJ website by December 15th.   Questions related to the forum can be directed to Gary George, NCJCOE Elections Sub-Committee (

Thank you for your assistance in distributing this information within your annual conference.  Should there be questions I may be contacted at the above address or by telephone at 330-478-1319.


Rev. Paul R. White, Secretary

North Central Jurisdictional Conference

For questions about NCJ 2020, please contact:

Rev. Paul R. White, North Central Jurisdictional Conference Secretary

3815 Ashwood Street NW

Canton, OH 44708-1603

(300) 478-1319


For questions regarding communication around NCJ 2020, please contact:

INUMC Communications