Retiree Recognition
Bishop welcomed members with a greeting and prayer. Rev. Bryan Langdoc, Rev. Mary Dicken, Bill Hamm, Rick Provine, and Steve Snyder offered And Can It Be (Amazing Love) as a musical response.

Fifty-seven retirees were honored for their 1,705 years of combined service. Rev. Cheryl Garbe addressed members as a representative of the retiring class.

Cheryl interviewed some former retirees and shared a few of their words of wisdom for the Retiring Class of 2020:
“Retirement is a time to let go of that which has served you so well in the past to make room for that which will serve you so well in the future.”
“Travel as much as you can for as long as you can.”
“Give yourself a sabbath from ministry.”

To ordinands, she offered the following gems of wisdom, among others:
“Surround yourself with the best people you can find.”
“Be the best possible you.”
“The size of a church is not an indicator of the size of their success.”

Presentation of Persons to be Commissioned, Recognized as Associate Members and Ordained
Four persons were commissioned for the work of a deacon. Nine persons were commissioned for the work of Elder. Two were recognized as Associate Members. One person was ordained into the Order of Deacon. Twelve were ordained into the Order of Elder.

Bishop Trimble offered his message “Climbing our Second Mountain” without wearing his shoes, (though he donned his United Methodist socks). “Where God’s name is proclaimed and Christ is lifted as our Lord and Savior is holy ground,” he said.

Bishop referenced David Brooks’ book, The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life, as he defined a “second mountain:” people who radiate joy and clarity of purpose. He encouraged the Conference to live that way. “We can choose joy. We can choose justice. We can choose life with Jesus!”