Holy One, we lift our voices in lamentation
for our country.
We are stunned by the violence perpetrated
in the name of freedom.
We are horrified to see the name of Jesus
invoked over such violence.
We are sickened by the threats that are
being made against the inauguration.
We know that you are good; how can you let
this happen?
And yet, we know that you are good, and that
Your light shines in the values of this country.
We know that you value truth, freedom of worship,
justice, equality.
We know, truly, that you are with us. And that you
never fail.
Let us turn to you. We ask that you make us, as we claim,
One nation under God, indivisible.
May your will prevail, O God.
May your will prevail!
By Ann Thomas
INUMC Prayer Coordinator