Dear God,
We see challenges in the days, months and years ahead. Challenges to speak
truth, to do justice, to love mercy, and to do it all while staying calm and kind to
one another. We will rely on you to help us with those challenges.
Guide us with your Spirit, Dear God.
Strengthen us with love, so that we may extend the love of Jesus Christ to all
people at all times.
Fill us with joy, so full that we overflow onto each other and color this earth with
laughter and happiness.
Calm us with peace, so we are steady in our walk and talk, and open to hear
your message to us.
Settle us with patience, so we may learn new things, and grant others the space
and time to absorb new and wonderful things that we can share with each other.
Bathe us in kindness, so we may wipe clean the dirty slate of cruelty, and write
new words to uplift each other to know all people are blessed children of God.
Teach us where all goodness lies in this world, and the best ways to magnify it in
your name, so that all people will share your goodness across this planet.
Acknowledge our faithfulness, even our weak attempts, and know we are ever
thankful for your abiding love.
Rub our weary, bruised feet with gentleness, for we strive to walk humbly in your
path, but we often stumble as we stray.
May we use self-control to temper our thoughts, actions and social media posts,
so that all fruits we produce are pleasing to your sight, satisfying to your taste,
and nourishing to your body, our brothers and sisters.
By Lisa Trigg