God, thank you for your guiding presence with us always. As we come closer to the
cross with Jesus in this holy season, our weakness meets the strength of the One you
Jesus showed us how to die to our selves so that through Him all things are made
new. In the coming days help us plant our feet firmly on the path of Jesus. Be with us
as we endure trials, experience skepticism, weaken under the weight of worldly
God, your faithfulness continues even as we continue to misbehave, miss your cues,
miss glimpses of your Love. Ready our hearts and minds for the coming days of
celebration, crucifixion and resurrection.
Holy God, we know how Jesus’ earthly story ends. Help our story connect in new and
vibrant ways as we seek a closer walk with you.
God who makes all things new, go with us, your servants. Perfect us in your Love so
that all creation is cleansed, refreshed and reclaimed.
Through Christ, with Christ and with the Holy Spirit we give you all the glory. Amen.
-by Marilyn Culler