Most Holy God,
  We have had a shock,
     and yet, here we are, settling back
     into our old partisan divides 
     like a pair of comfortable shoes.
Let it not be so, Lord,
     let it not be so!
When did truth become malleable?
When did justice become expendable?
When did love become political?
When did ideologies become gods?
Holy Parent, we need a common goal, 
     a common focus.
Can we not see that it is love?
Can we not see that hatred and enmity are unholy?
Help us to see you, Lord, for in you
     all things hold together. In you
     we love our neighbors as ourselves. In you
     all is light.
Dear Lord, surround us, heal our hearts, 
     open our minds, and teach us to walk in
     each others’ shoes, however ill the fit.
For you are the Way. You are the Truth. You are Life.
     One nation, under God. For this we pray. Amen.
by Ann Thomas