Most blessed and Holy God, we beg you give us wisdom to deal with the
Corona Virus. We have endured a year, Lord, and we are so weary. Some
of us are becoming careless. Only you know the final course of this virus
and the final count of its casualties, but you have given us some agency in
dealing with it. You have given us several vaccines that are effective
beyond anything we might have expected. Thank you, Lord! You have
given us the expertise to understand how masks and distancing can help
contain the spread. We praise you, Lord! Now we ask for patience and
wisdom to withstand the final stages.
Thank you, dear Lord, for receiving into your Heavenly Home those of our
friends and relatives who have gone home to you. Thank you for the health
care workers who have sacrificed their own safety and health for our
benefit. Thank you for the scholars and scientists who have worked on the
vaccines. And thank you that we can now see the end. Be with us as we
We celebrate that you are always with us, for we could not have come thus
far without you. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Amen.
-by Ann Thomas