O most Holy God,

We fall upon our faces with bended knees, asking for YOUR forgiveness and grace. Please show mercy towards us as we have gone astray, and everyone has turned unto his or her own way. We have remained busy seeking after our own comfort in the things of this world and have neglected the eternal and spiritual things. O Lord God, during this time of reflection, prayer and fasting, enable each of us to fast unto an abundance of your righteousness, for the renewal of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT in us, your people, YOUR UNIVERSAL CHURCH UNITED, and in our nation. We surrender our wills and ask that YOUR HOLY WILL BE DONE IN OUR LIVES, IN YOUR UNIVERSAL CHURCH AND IN OUR NATION. Where we are weak, please strengthen us; where we doubt please give us the grace to believe; where we fear give us the courage to respond to the needs of the weak, the poor, the lame, the hungry, and to the dismantling of social injustices against your people everywhere, especially here in America where we are dealing with institutional racism. Lord God, it is only when you are in charge that all chains are broken. And so today WE THANK YOU FOR BREAKING EVERY CHAIN OF OPPRESSION against your created people, and we offer ourselves to be used in the expansion of your Kingdom here on earth. In Jesus’s HOLY Name we pray. Amen, Amen, and Amen.

by Lydia Colaire