Beloved Parenting God, blessed be your name in all the earth!
You are our Father, our Mother, and our Home, and worthy of all adoration.
Beloved, we have celebrated the resurrection of your true Son.
We have shouted Hosanna! And Hallelujah! And Maranatha!
But in the silence that follows celebration, we bow humbly before you.
Great Healer, we ask for your healing love on our nation. We are so
We ask for your strong protection for our leaders, our Capitol, and all those
who work there. They remain in danger from the sinful nature of
We ask for your greatest wisdom for all who represent us, that they may be
guided by your great and powerful love for all human beings, and put away
political expediency.
Holy Spirit, we ask for your presence and your love to permeate the hearts
of all who would do our Government’s business.
We ask for the softening of hearts that have been hardened by hatred and
racism. We ask that you break our hearts of stone!
Holy Three-in-one, hear us, we humbly pray, and grant our petitions, for the
Glory of the Kingdom of God.
In the Name of Christ we pray. Amen.
-by Ann Thomas