Beloved Father, Son, and Spirit, we are lost in grief. Twice in recent weeks, our fellow Americans have been murdered in senseless acts of violence. Lord, protect us from the evil of unbalanced minds and acts of hate.
We mourn with the people of Atlanta after attacks on Asian businesses there. If this was the result of hate, heal us from sharing in that hate. If this was the result of undervaluing human life, protect us from the illusion that only we matter. All human life matters to you, but we say with one voice, Asian Lives Matter! They did not bring the virus. They did not transmit it. Taking it out on them is evil. Bless the memory of these victims, and receive them into your light.
We mourn with the people of Boulder, in the senseless murder of 10 people going about their normal lives. Be present to their families as they grieve, and help us to withhold judgment until we know the intent of the shooter. Clear his mind so that he can repent of the evil he has done.
Bless the memory of Officer Talley, and receive him and all the victims into your loving arms. Holy Spirit, comfort those who mourn. Inspire those who can do some good in this world. Teach us to value love above hate, to value the lives of all the Creator has made, and to oppose evil wherever we find it. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.
by Ann Thomas, Prayer Coordinator