Our Father in Heaven, thank you for the most precious gift of your creation—our
children.  We pray to be worthy of the privilege you have given us for their care.  We ask for Your guidance in shaping their hearts and minds to know You, to love You, and to follow You in all the ways that we can learn from Your Word.  Help us to be teachers and doers of Your Word that they may see in our lives and in how we love and serve others, the way to honor and glorify Your name.  Lord, make us builders of a newly created world where hatred, selfishness, and division between brothers and sisters is torn away and replaced with peace and respect for all.  Help us teach them the lessons of your love shown through the life and sacrifice of Jesus, Your only Son. Make us transformers of the world, by Your grace, into Thy Holy Kingdom where all life is valued and honored as Your creation.
by Betty Hart