United. We live in the United States, but they’re really not. Some are red,
some are blue, and the people within them are partisan and angry. Let us
find one thing to agree on, and make it this: God, you alone reign and direct
our legacy. You love us, and through Jesus you directed us to love one
another. Let us practice that love regardless of who is “our” president. Let
us love one another regardless of our political stance. Let us love one
another despite all the challenges, the blaming, the quest for retribution,
and the fear. Let us love Democrats, Republicans, BLMs, and even those
who join militias. Let us be careful and thoughtful, but let us be loving.
There are times we need to protest. Make our protests peaceful. There are
times we need to speak out. Let us speak out of love and careful reasoning. 
There are times we need to mourn. Let our mourning be without
hatred. There are times we need justice. Let justice rain down like an ever-
flowing stream, and let our call for justice be without hint of violence or
We have been blessed as a nation, even as we committed unpardonable
acts of corruption, betrayal, and enslavement. Let us now be blessed as
truly the Land of the Free. Make Jesus our model, and let us rise from our
discontent to be what we can and must be. In Jesus’ most powerful name
we pray, Amen.
-by Ann Thomas