Oh Lord, we continue to pray for our nation. We pray for our Government, our President, Congressional leaders, and all those working on behalf of our country. Give them wisdom, especially as they deal with complex issues. Give them hearts that long for your truth and that desire what’s best for the people of this nation. Give legislators a desire to work across the aisle, to be open to compromise for the good of their constituents. Give them openness, patience and tenacity as they strive to work together. 
And Lord, I pray for our citizens. Heal the brokenness and loss that many are experiencing. Help those who have deep-seated anger to deal with it in healthy ways. Bring justice to those for whom our country has treated unjustly. Root out the poison within us of racism, apathy, and cynicism. Move us from distrust to trust. From hate to love. From incivility to kindness. And may we as Christians lead the way. All for your glory!
by Ed Fenstermacher