The votes have been cast
The pundits will proclaim
Winners and losers
Unfinished counting and drama
On top of drama, a nation still divided.
The votes have been cast, and COVID -19
Rages on not choosing a party but the whole
Of the human family dropping sickness and
Sadness like unwanted Christmas gifts.
The votes have been cast, and debates rage on
About the economy and jobs and schools and who is
The greatest and blah, blah, blah.
We are sick, and I pray our sickness of soul and disregard
Of others is not unto death.
The votes have been cast, but God is still God
And we know love will rise and hope will not die as children
Still play and sing and believe that we care.
With all due respect for all peoples and religions
I summon this reminder for your hearing.
“God so loved the world” as in the whole of humanity
No restrictions on compassion, no limits on our sharing, no tribal elevation, or countries to be blamed. For all have sinned and stand in need of mercy and Grace.
So we press on
On behalf of the children
On behalf of the hurting
In the name of Jesus, we press on.
Until the hungry are fed,
The lost have been found
Beloved community is our identity.

Bishop Julius C. Trimble
Resident Bishop
Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church

Read When Tomorrow Comes, published on November 8, 2016, in regards to the election.