Bishop Trimble joined members of the Africa University Board of Trustees last week to discuss developments and plans for the future of the Pan-African institution. The bishop worked alongside bishops Tracy Smith Malone of the East Ohio Conference and newly-selected Chancellor Bishop John K. Yambasu of the Sierra Leone Area. The bishop also made time to hear from students and faculty and extend his blessing and hope for the development of the University.

Upon his return to the United states, the bishop shared, “Africa University is strong and Indiana has been a big support. I was so blessed to talk with students and see the construction of a new student union building and girls dormitory in progress.”

A testament to the work of the school is its growing student body, which comes with some added difficulties. The bishop added that AU stills needs our support. “Of the 2,600 students there is on campus housing for only 1,000 students. A great need for buses and continued support for scholarships remains.”

Among the many faculty members Bishop Trimble met with during his trip was the newly-appointed Deputy Vice Chancellor Rev. Dr. Peter Megeto Maiko, a relative of Rev. Dr. Saneta Maiko, Conference Superintendent in the North District.