United Methodist Women of Indiana came together on Friday and Saturday to celebrate 150 years of women in mission and ministry. The event was held at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, and women across Indiana heard from key speakers who shared inspiring messages of hope, faith, and women empowerment. Guests heard from Felicia Stewart, who manages UMW of Indiana communications, shared about how she came to her calling after experiencing a season of adversity, following struggles in her family life and moving to a new region.

She shared about her first experience at a UMW event. “I was fascinated. I didn’t grow up in the church, let along a Methodist Church. I didn’t know what any of this stuff was, but these women were working. They were busy and they were excited about what they were doing, and it was contagious.”

Bishop and First Lady Grandberry-Trimble, who are strong supporters of UMW and continually seek ways to walk alongside them to advocate for the rights of humans across societies, were guests of honor for the event and sat in the front row.

In his message to the Conference, the bishop also encouraged United Methodists to become feminists as well. “We should ALL join the movement that is called the United Methodist Women, exclaimed Bishop Julius Trimble from the pulpit in Robertson Chapel. ”We should all choose to join the movement, become an advocate for the most vulnerable, and we should all be feminists.”

Bishop Trimble Installs 2020 UMW of Indiana Officers - INUMC

UMW also leveraged this opportunity by putting together a Hands-On Mission Opportunity. Following his message, the bishop proceeded to bless clear, plastic bags filled with hygiene products and snacks that each person would take home and give away if they were to come across and a person or family in need. The ‘blessing bags’ included items such as toothpaste, deodorant, a granola bar, beef jerky, as well as a note of encouragement.

The bishop installed and prayed the ways the more than ten newly selected 2020 officers will serve the ministry in the coming year. The bishop was asked to conduct communion before the event came to a close.