Dear Governor Holcomb,

Thank you for your faithful service as our Governor for such as time as this. I pray for your leadership and your family.

I respectfully request that you as our Governor designate and volunteer Indiana as a state willing and able to welcome resettled refugees. I am disappointed and deeply concerned that the Trump administration intends to set a historical low refugee admissions goal of 18,000 for the upcoming fiscal year 2020. We can do better by way of our history of compassion and commitment to sharing the global crisis of refugees who, by the thousands, are forced to leave their homes and countries due to conflict, persecution, starvation and violence.

The notion that states can block resettlement in their communities and Governors must identify a willingness to resettle refugees seems antithetical to our diplomatic, national security and foreign policy interest. Indiana need not weaken our resolve to be a place that has demonstrated compassionate historic hospitality for the most vulnerable in the global community.

The United Methodist Church, like many other religious institutions, commits ourselves to provide support and welcome for refugees, Asylum seekers and migrants. While no one country can accept the responsibility for the 70 million people forcibly displaced worldwide, we certainly can stand with those states and communities where people can find a new home.

As part of our commitment to being a force for good in response to Global Migration and the quest for justice, The United Methodist Church has stated in our book of resolutions a commitment to “provide support and opportunities for refugees, Asylum seekers, and migrants, including annual conference and local church ministries.” We stand ready to work with our ecumenical and interfaith partners and our government in ways that bring hope and healing for refugees who come to Indiana.

Thank you for your commitment to the common good and the people of Indiana.

Be encouraged,

Bishop Julius C. Trimble