“Lift every voice and sing

Till earth and heaven ring

Ring with the harmonies of Liberty

Let our rejoicing rise

High as the listening skies

Let it resound loud as the rolling sea”

For so much of our history – as a church and as a nation – these words have been aspirational. They have described a time we yet dare to dream of and a freedom so many of us can scarcely imagine.

And yet, it is the God who sets us free that we worship. How can we, the people of a chain-breaking God, have needed the urging of the broader culture to look inward and see the sin of racism that still lives at the heart of the United Methodist Church?


For more information contact:

Commission On Race & Ethnicity (CORE) Chairperson  

Dr. Betty Hart, betty.hart@inumc.org


Associate Director of Diversity, Missions & Justice Ministries

Rev. Annettra Jones Stephens, annettra.stephens@inumc.org