Coordinating Council

Task: There shall be a Coordinating Council so that there is alignment of the Annual Conference mission, vision and values with all ministries and activities of the Conference:

To fulfill the requirements of ¶608.1-6
“Each annual conference is responsible to focus and guide the mission and ministry of The United Methodist Church within its boundaries by:

  1. Envisioning the ministries necessary to live out the mission of the church in and through the annual conference
  2. Creating and nurturing relationships and connections among the local, district, annual conference, and general church ministries
  3. Providing encouragement, coordination, and support for the ministries of nurture, outreach, and witness in districts and congregations for the transformation of the world
  4. Ensuring the alignment of the total resources of the Annual Conference to its mission
  5. Developing and strengthening ethnic ministries including ethnic local churches and concerns
  6. Providing for advocacy and monitoring functions to insure that the church is consistent with its stated values.”

And support the direction and work of the Annual Conference to:champion the mission, vision, and values of the Annual Conference:

  1. Align all ministries to the mission, vision, values, policies, and decisions of the Annual Conference
  2. Act on legislative matters between Annual Conference Sessions consistent with the mission, vision, And values of the Annual Conference
  3. Communicate ministry alignment and accountability with the mission, vision, and values of the Annual Conference.


  1. Voice – No Vote
    1. The Bishop who presides or his/her designee
    2. Executive Assistant to the Bishop
    3. Conference Communication Director
    4. The President or representative of the United Methodist Foundation of Indiana
  2. Voice and Vote
    1. Conference Lay Leader (¶603.9a)
    2. Conference Secretary
    3. One Superintendent
    4. One Director
    5. One person from each district operational team (see item 3 below, Selection Process).
    6. Young Adult representative (¶650.1)
    7. Youth representative (¶649.1)
    8. Higher Education and Ministry representative (¶634.3)
    9. Presidents of Conference UMW and UMM
  3. Selection process for district membership (2e):
    Each district will recommend two people from the District Operational Team to the Committee on Nominations. Persons from each district recommended for this position should be able to think adaptively, be aware of the Conference mission, vision, and values statement and not be a member of any conference board, agency or team. Each person recommended should be familiar with and able to practice the principles of the Spiritual Leadership, Inc. (SLI) processes for adaptive leadership. When identifying these individuals, the district shall be sensitive to the diversity concerns of the Annual Conference in accordance with The Book of Discipline. (¶610.3)
    It is the task of the Conference Committee on Nominations to ensure diversity and balance among our teams, boards, and committees. They shall identify one person from each district from the names provided to serve as a member of the Conference Coordinating Council, giving attention to diversity and inclusiveness.
  4. Terms of office:
  5. Membership from districts shall be nominated to serve for one quadrennium as follows:
    Clergy from North, North Central, Southeast, West and South
    Laity from Northwest, Northeast, Central, East and Southwest
    This schedule would rotate after four years (lay / clergy) and continue for each following quadrennium.