Even though your church service may be cancelled due to the Coronavirus, that doesn’t mean you can’t worship. 
You don’t have to have a praise band—or organ/piano—to worship. In fact, worship can take on many forms, though it can include music.
Here are a few ways you can worship at home:
  • Pull out a hymnal and do a hymn sing
  • Search for your favorite songs on Youtube
  • Have a musical family member lead you (on piano, guitar, trombone, accordion, etc)
  • Do a liturgical dance to the glory of God
  • Stream songs on Pandora (or …) 
  • Have little ones at home? Read a story from the life of Jesus and have them act it out.
Other ideas:
  • Research the stories behind your favorite hymns
  • Go on a prayer walk
  • Recite the Lord’s Prayer multiple times a day
  • Choose a Psalm and rewrite it in your own words
  • Recreate the Last Supper
  • Create artwork (a collage, painting, craft) reflecting a Bible passage