November 5, 2021

At this morning’s meeting of the Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church, the Council approved a plan submitted by the North Central Jurisdiction College of Bishops to extend the current coverage of episcopal areas in the jurisdiction. Under the agreement, the current plan will continue until new episcopal elections within the jurisdiction are held, and the Jurisdictional Committee on the Episcopacy makes new assignments, or the NCJ College proposes to the Council of Bishops another plan for episcopal coverage within the jurisdiction. The previous agreement approved by the Council of Bishops was set to expire on December 31, 2021.


The plan was offered following consultation with the North Central Jurisdiction Committee on the Episcopacy and extends the episcopal oversight of the Northern Illinois Conference by Bishop John Hopkins and of the Dakotas/Minnesota Area by Bishop Laurie Haller and Bishop David Bard. Bishop Haller will continue to assume primary supervisory responsibility for the Dakotas Conference, and Bishop Bard will offer primary supervisory responsibility for the Minnesota Conference. As approved by the Council, this plan provides maximum flexibility to the jurisdiction, allowing the jurisdiction, if needed, to submit a new proposal at any time.


The regular session of the jurisdictional conference is scheduled for November 2022.

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