The work of the Bishop and Extended Cabinet continues with actions focused on review, accountability and healing related to the failures of the assignment of Jerry Hoss as a supply pastor.

  1. Expertise has been sought from COSROW (the United Methodist Commission on the Status and Role of Women) and their Senior Director of Sexual Ethics and Advocacy. The Commission has provided resources and counsel for concentrating on the pain and healing that is being addressed.
  2. A complete review is being conducted in each district by the Conference Superintendent and District Committee on Ministry (DCOM) for each church being served by a SUPPLY assignment, with background checks, and required forms under examination.
  3. Among other resourcing, COSROW will be leading an education event for the Bishop and Extended Cabinet in August.
  4. Bishop Trimble has engaged Rev. Chris Nunley in a process of self-care, reflection, and evaluation. During that intentionally-focused period and review process, Rev. Nunley will be relieved of his responsibilities as Conference Superintendent for 10-12 weeks beginning July 27, 2020. North Central District churches and pastors will be directed to contact Rev. Lore Blinn Gibson who will be acting as Interim Conference Superintendent.
  5. Additionally, a plan is being developed toward repentance and healing to address the hurt experienced in this situation, particularly for the churches involved, and any who have experienced harm. A service of prayer is being planned by the Bishop’s Office in consultation with several of the original signers of the Open Letter.