UMC Bishops prepare to preside at Special Session of General Conference

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The bishops of The United Methodist Church are preparing to preside over the three-day Special Session of the General Conference set for Feb. 23-26 in St. Louis, Missouri.  In a letter to United Methodists released today, Council of Bishops President Bishop Ken Carter noted that the bishops will be bound by a covenant of presiding, which was written in collaboration with the Commission on the General Conference.

“The bishops honor the delegations who will gather in St. Louis, and will continue to see our appropriate calling as helping them to do their best work in these three important days.” Bishop Carter said in the letter.

“We continue to give thanks for the mission of The United Methodist Church, for the power of the Cross and the Flame, and for the hope that God will guide us in a way forward.”

This Special Session has been called by the Council of Bishops to find a way forward beyond the impasse around LGBTQ identity, interpretation of scripture and the unity of the church. The General Conference is the highest legislative body in the church and the only group that can decide church law and speak officially for the global denomination.


Click here to read the full letter from Bishop Carter

Click here to read the Bishops covenant for presiding