What if I wrote a poem about COVID-19?
Just for the sake of saving lives
Or maybe I need to share just to share
Or maybe I am living in my own world
Or maybe this is not really a poem.
I think I understand some things
Like freedom of speech and choice
And Children Matter Most.
I don’t understand misinformation
Or misery loves company
Or elephants in a room or why
We can’t all work together
Saving lives instead of fighting lies.
What if I wrote a poem?
And nobody read it, or millions did
I would share from my heart
And share from my head
The truth I believe that lives can be saved
Today and tonight across the globe
And in my neck of the woods
Variants versus vaccines
Life over death weeping or rejoicing
But my prayers will continue
Lord, Have Mercy
Debate is not helping
As the hospitals fill again
Some can’t and some will not
While millions are waiting
To get vaccinated.
What if I wrote a poem, and
The poem became a prayer and
The prayer became a song and we
Exhaled with excitement as the dark
Night turned to dawn and the
Pandemic was defeated and
We breathed a sigh of relief.

Vaccinations save lives!

Be encouraged,

Bishop Julius C. Trimble
Resident Bishop
Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church