Grace and peace to you, my brothers and sisters!

There is one desire we all share: we want to be valued. Wrapped up in that desire is what I believe is a deep need to be loved and heard and seen. I see this in everyone from little children to aging adults.

When we find ourselves in a place of disagreement and even discord in the Church, how should we proceed? With this recent Special-Called General Conference, and now the Judicial Council ruling, it for some has been made more difficult and stressful.

The Judicial Council has clarified and affirmed most of what was supported by the majority votes of General Conference held in St. Louis. While there is no shortage of commentaries or nuanced interpretations on social media, I appeal to you to consider this invitation.

I invite you to join me in watching over one another in love. This is a choice we can make. I borrow from Dr. Brene Brown, in her writings and Netflix TV special, “Called to Courage.” “To love is to be vulnerable.” Our access to courage and joy finds its birthplace in being vulnerable.

To love is to be honest and humble and not hurried. In May 2020, the General Conference will gather in Minneapolis. Do not rush to actions; be Holy Spirit-led. Remain focused on building communities where all are welcome.

I am approaching our upcoming Annual Conference with a full commitment to trust you to pray for one another, engage our mission field with the life-saving love of Jesus, and come prepared to celebrate baptisms and the Great Commission.

We are called and loved by God, and we are privileged to serve as sent people. Don’t grow weary in doing good or welcoming all people (Galatians 6:9).

“Let all that you do be done in love.” – I Corinthians 16:14 (ESV)

“The soul of the one who loves God always swims in joy, always keeps holiday, and is always in a mood for singing.” – St. John of the Cross

Be encouraged,


Bishop Julius C. Trimble