Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

As we continue to prepare ourselves for the 9th Session of the Indiana Annual Conference, guided by our conference theme of "Together: We. Are. More,” we are reminded that together we can do all that God has called us to in and throughout the state of Indiana, as well as the world abroad. 

In the spirit of this, I am calling for the Indiana Miracle Offering for Global Health to be received at the 2017 Annual Conference Session in Indianapolis. Each of our 1,120 congregations are invited to begin preparing, even now, to participate in a miraculous expression of God’s love in action as we raise awareness and funds to impact thousands of lives around our world this year. 
The 2017 Indiana Miracle Offering for Global Health will support two important initiatives in The United Methodist Church: Imagine No Malaria and the Global AIDS Fund. Through the work of both of these causes United Methodists are saving lives across the world and educating communities on better practices to prevent infections, as well as connect to treatment options.
To provide much-needed support and hope in these areas, I am asking that we set a goal that is miraculous and something that we have never done before. It is my hope with the support of our Extended Cabinet, Conference Council on Finance and Administration,Conference Coordinating Council, our clergy, laity, and each of our churches that we impact more than 50,000 lives from our Miracle Offering for Global Health, but with a tremendous victory goal of more than 100,000 lives saved.

Most people do not realize that, simply, $10 is enough to prevent a child from a Malaria infection or provide education to a mother that will allow her to not pass HIV/AIDS onto her unborn child. Consider for a moment, the impact our Conference could have if each member of our congregations gave $10. 

You can find more information about the 2017 Indiana Miracle Offering for Global Health at Here you will find information, statistics, images you can share on social media and more in the coming weeks. 

Indiana Miracle Offering for Global Health from Indiana Conference UMC on Vimeo.


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Join me on our Indiana Conference Facebook page for a live chat on Tuesday, April 11 at 11:30 a.m. as I share more about why this matters and how you and others can contribute to this worthwhile cause.

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Be encouraged, 

Bishop Julius C. Trimble 
Indiana Conference 
The United Methodist Church