We Are Easter People
Water washed and Spirit born.
Fragile and favored all together,
Creatures not Creator,
Clay vessels full of hope,
We Are Easter People.
We know the story and still weep.
We hear the question and pause in prayer.
Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?
From Gary to Evansville, From Angola to New Albany,
We Are Easter people.
Reminding the world of morning Joy,
Stones that have been rolled away,
Death that no longer has the final word,
We Are Easter People.
Flowers in Bloom,
Choirs poised for Praise,
He Lives and redemption takes hold,
We are Easter People.
Bystanders no longer,
The world awaits our claim.
We serve a risen savior.
He is in the world today as are we.
We are Easter people.
Fear must take a back seat.
Rejoicing is the order of the day.
Reclaim your rightful place.
Live as the people you are,
Easter people.
Reprinted from A Faithful Church and a Healthy World (2015) by Bishop Julius C. Trimble