Written by Pastor Kristine Marshall 

On Sunday, August 18, crowds gathered around the 10′ by 3′ pool on the grounds of Bethel UMC in Anderson to celebrate 17 immersion baptisms.

In May, Senior Pastor Kristine Marshall was approached by a college student who said he had never been baptized and felt a tug on his heart to take that step in his faith. Pastor Kristine announced at Bethel that they were going to do baptisms and to come talk to her if they felt the tug of the Holy Spirit. With the invitation extended, 17 people responded, including one of Pastor Kristine’s daughters.

The stories behind each person being baptized all were unique. Some youth came back from camp with their hearts changed and excited; some college students were ready to claim their faith boldly; some adults have been battling through cancer; and others have seen the hand of God so powerfully that they were ready to step fully into the waters.

As each person being baptized broke through the surface of the water after being immersed, cheers erupted in joy and support. This will be a day Bethel will always remember, and it will be one that will be recreated again soon since 4 additional people have come forward ready to step into the waters of baptism!

Pastor Kristine also shares a passion for the arts and recently served as the Artist in Residence during this year’s Annual Conference, June 12-15. Read more about it.