Due to budgetary concerns this spring, the Indiana Conference was tasked with reducing the 2021 budget by $800,000. Part of those funds have been recouped by reducing our Conference Superintendents from 10 to 8 and the transition of the Church Development team to within the Connectional and Missional Ministry area resulting in the elimination of Emily Reece’s Director-Level position.

Not surprisingly, the new Master Plan includes some additional staffing changes. Regrettably, as of August 30, the following positions have been eliminated:

  • Technology Support Specialist
  • Financial/Support Services Assistant
  • Pensions Support Assistant
  • Insurance Support Assistant
  • Conference Receptionist
  • Disaster Response Coordinator

Sadly, this means the following people will no longer be serving at the Conference as of August 30:

  • Glenda Peery
  • Jenni Walker
  • Sherry Austin
  • Linda Eskew
  • Carla Johnson
  • Rev. Cindy Garver

We are so grateful for each of these individuals and their many years of service to the Indiana Conference. Please join us in wishing them well and praying for them as they transition to what God has for them next.

If you have insurance or pension questions, please contact Kathy Mitchell at 317-564-3236 or kathy.mitchell@inumc.org.