In response to the COVID-19 crisis and as good stewards of health and finances, Impact 2818 will transition our summer programs to a condensed schedule, consolidated to three sites, beginning on June 28.

Church Camp: Summer 2020
As this crisis began to unfold, Impact 2818 began preparing multiple scenarios, contingency plans, expense cuts, and pursuing resources for safe operations in the midst of responding to COVID-19.

Using the information available to us through partners and agencies while constantly pursuing safety throughout the months ahead, our leadership team has come up with a plan forward:

  • Ensuring the safety of our campers, volunteers and staff will continue to dictate planning and availability for 2020.
  • We will launch a new summer camp/events schedule on Monday, May 4 that starts camps no sooner than June 28.
  • We are condensing, migrating, and consolidating existing programs to temporarily operate at just three campsites (Epworth Forest Conference Center, Camp Lakewood, and Camp Rivervale.
  • Begin registering campers and transferring any events starting on May 12.
  • Scholarships and financial assistance are available to make sure every family that wants their children at camp can attend.
  • Partners, donors, and volunteers will be critically needed in the weeks and months ahead.

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